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Warzone Season 6: Lapa Warzone Loadout



lapa warzone loadout

In Call of Duty: Warzone’s newest addition to its arsenal, the LAPA submachine gun has been added as part of Black Ops Cold War’s last hurrah during The Haunting seasonal event.

The weapon is described in-game as a lightweight prototype with reliable damage and good firing control that offers improved handling when compared to other SMG’s found within this online multiplayer game mode for players aged 12+.

The LAPA is a great weapon, but it’s not going to cut the mustard when compared against other high fire rate SMGs. It works best in close quarters and up-close engagements with enemies as its low capacity means you cannot breeze through an entire round on full auto without running out of ammo before having the chance stop Line ahead shots from being fired at all!

The Long Assault pistol has been designed specifically for Warzone gameplay where accuracy matters most – so if your ultimate goal is perfection then this might just be what you’re looking for…but traditionally speaking pistols aren’t really meant as primary weapons since their range isn’t very good unless they have significant power boost mods attached which normally requires two hands during sustained use

Best LAPA loadout in Warzone

lapa warzone loadout

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 8.9″ Extended
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Magazine: STANAG 50 Rnd

The LAPA is a solid SMG for Warzone, but not one of the best. This weapon needs to be buffed and has low fire rate which can make it difficult in close quarters engagements with other players or enemies.

The laser attachment could come into play when fighting at distance though because there’s no scope on this gun making aiming easier than others that do have scopes; if you’re looking down sight shots will sometimes go right through otherwise protected areas around an enemy vehicle without having any effect!

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