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Where Are Planes In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5?




Planes In Fortnite

Fortnite season 5 has brought many new and new changes in the game. There are many new features on the map, including location, new exotic weapons, and NPCs. There are many leaks of information regarding planes.

It is said that the planes will be back in the chapter of season 5 with the release of operation snow down. There are different challenges of operation Snowmando that the player has to complete to win the XP.

Some of the challenges require players to visit a different location in Fortnite. Some of the locations contain the plane spawn. If the player finds one red spot they will find at least one plane spawn at walking distance.

It is not necessary that the player will find the plane at every location there are some specific locations where the plane is to be found. Some players contain only one plane but some of the locations have more than one plane spawn. Some of the locations spawn three Fortnite planes one can be found near the Catty Corner.

Planes In Fortnite location

Planes In Fortnite location

If you are not able to find the plane in Fortnite then you must take help with the map.

  • In the map, the plane locations are marked with yellow color and they can be easily found.
  • Some of the players cannot see the plane in the normal game mode but they can see it when they switch to the Battle labs.

This is an issue that some modes have the plane and some don’t. So Epic needs to resolve this issue with the planes. Players who hunt for the planes make sure to land at the Snowmando operation first. If the players cannot find the plane they must make some progress in Fortnite challenges while they are in the area.

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