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Where To Find Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg In Gta Online?



Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg

GTA Online is a famous game and most of us have also played it. It is open entertainment for all the players. GTA has brought many new and exciting updates to the game. Loch Ness has been introduced in the game.

GTA comes up with all the new content including the Los Ness Eggs which is currently discovered by the players. Los Ness can be seen from afar through the scope and many players managed to get close to Ness before it disappeared.

As in GTA, players have to complete a lot of different challenges. One of the challenges is to find the Loch Ness Egg. Most of the players have seen Loch Ness earlier in the beach party made up of sand behind the bars.

Most of them predicted that maybe Loch Ness will be spotted in the water. And this has become true and Loch Ness has been introduced in the water.

Where to find Eggs?

Loch Ness can be seen from far away through the scope. But eggs cannot be collected from a distance so the player has to get close to the creature before it disappears. For this purpose, the player needs to have a boat to get close to Loch Ness and get eggs. Sometimes the creature swims away when the player gets close to it. So you need to be careful and collect the eggs.

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