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Where to Launch Signal Flares in Fortnite



launch signal flares

When you need to send signal flares in Fortnite for Ariana Grande there are five locations that can be found. You only have a few options when it comes down choosing where all three of these sites will send their rockets skywards but make sure not too spread out or else expect some difficulty launching them successfully!

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It might take two matches before achieving this task entirely, so pick your battles wisely if possible by going after one site at once instead–this way things go much faster and smoother than having multiple rocket launches scattered across different areas nearby each other just waiting on someone who knows what they’re doing

Where to launch Fortnite signal flares

Where to launch Fortnite signal flares

While the five sites where you can launch a signal flare in Fortnite are fairly evenly spread out, expect to make your trek at least two matches long. They’re all far from any beaten track and should be reached via landing somewhere with gear before beginning this challenge of lightening-fast reflexes!

There are five locations on the map that have more detail to help you find each signal flare site. These are marked with an “X”.

  1. South of Believer Beach
  2. Mountain top
  3. Craggy Cliffs
  4. South West of Catty Corner
  5. South West of Dirty Docks
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